Why Are Website Page Titles So Important?

Ranking high on Google and the other search engines is something that is increasingly important to all businesses – whether large or small – and website page titles are an important part of this. Google and its competitors have become the go to route for people looking to purchase a wide range of products and services, and in order to maximise your chances of being the company they go to, you need to be appearing on the first page wherever possible. {Tweet}

 As part of this, you need to be helping Google and the other search engines understand what your page is about, and why it is relevant to someone searching for a specific product, service or piece of information.

So, Why Are Website Page Titles So Important?

Your website’s page title is the first thing readers see on search engine results pages (SERPs) – we’ve highlighted a page title on a SERP in the image to the right. {Tweet}

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Why Are Website Page Titles So Important? This Is What Your Reader Sees When They Search

Obviously, this is important to the reader, as it gives a clear description of what the page is about. What you don’t want to do is leave generic page titles such as ‘Home’ – this is something we see regularly and is a waste of what is a potentially vital area of your search engine listing. ‘Home’ tells the reader very little about your website, or its contents. {Tweet}

Equally important is the fact that search engines also utilise your website page titles in deciding how valuable your content will be to a specific reader when they hit search – before a human eye even sees it. A page which has a title like ‘Top Twitter Tips’ is likely to be about Twitter tips; a page that is called ‘Home’ could be about anything – it is either someone’s home page, or it is (potentially) about someone’s own specific house. {Tweet}

How Can I See My Website Page Titles?

In short, you can view your page titles just by browsing to specific pages on your website. In most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc.) the page titles will appear in the tabs used to view individual web pages and windows. If you hover on the tab element, the full page title will be shown for you to review. An image is provided below with a page title highlighted.

Why Are Website Page Titles So Important - Rippleout Marketing - High Peak Marketing Consultancy

You Can Review Your Website Page Titles By Hovering On Browser Tabs

If your page titles are wrong, get in touch with your web designers and be sure that they edit them to reflect what is contained on the page in question. If you see that you have some problems, but don’t have a web design team, we at Rippleout Marketing can solve this problem for you very quickly and cost-effectively – simply get in touch via the contact page!

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