The Sign of a Great Advert

The sign of a great advert:  What’s the sign of a great advert? It’s hard to say, some adverts cost thousands to produce and have no impact, some are much cheaper and a glimmer of genius means they result in sustained value for a brand over a prolonged period of time.

The Sign of a Great Advert

The Sign of a Great Advert

If anyone in the world of advertising has a view on what the “ingredients” of a great advert are, please do let us know in the comments section – it would be great to hear your thoughts!

Whilst I can’t necessarily give you a feel for the precise elements which go in to a great advert, I can give you an example of when you know you’ve found one!

Example of a Great Advert

Recently I went to see a client in Manchester and, after a great catch up, I was sat in a bar in Piccadilly station waiting for a train back out to the Peak District.

The bar had a sound system, and for the majority of my stay, I didn’t really notice any of the music that was on – it was a nice level of sound, not intrusive.

However, the second the song “Everywhere” from Fleetwood Mac came on, I instantly heard it – even the quiet intro. Oddly, my first thought wasn’t that it was Fleetwood Mac, it was of a small Shetland pony moonwalking across a field, closely followed by the hashtag, #DancePonyDance. (Yep, the hashtag before the band – it is my job!)

What’s more, I’d be willing to bet that there a lot of people in the UK who would be unable to name the band that created “Everywhere”, but would certainly remember the pony, and associate the song with it. At least some of these would probably remember that the brand that pony was advertising was Three, the mobile phone company.

Now, whilst I can’t provide you with a set if ingredients to replicate this advert, I’m sure you can appreciate the importance, and power, of that song forever being associated with that video in some people’s mind.

It’s essentially years of free advertising for Three whenever that song is played. It’s also a very positive, happy brand image.

Perhaps most interestingly is that because this advert is linked to a song, it’s very easy for humans to recall. In the same way that you can more easily remember all the words to a song than you can a speech of the same length – because the use of a melody links the different areas within your brain – so too is the image of the pony more easily associated with the song in this instance.

Of course, it would be unfair of me is deny you another run through of that great advert, so here it is in full:


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