Stillage Company Success

Stillage Company Success: With the majority of posts on the Rippleout blog are related to the theory behind marketing, as well as a few observations and thoughts, we thought it was high time to highlight the successes of some of the companies we work with – and where better to start than an industry commonly thought of as being more traditional: engineering. Specifically, JS Burgess Engineering is a stillage company who specialise in the design and manufacture of stillages and related products.


Stillage Company Success – Celebrating Our Clients

Marketing a Stillage Company

Regrettably, particularly if you work in the stillage industry, we are not going to discuss how any of this was achieved. Sorry about that. Unfortunately, our clients’ success is important to us, and giving away all their secrets seems counter-intuitive!

If you’re not sure what a stillage is, there’s a post on JS Burgess’ website that answers the question. If you do, then you’ll know that it might not be considered a sexy product – it’s not jewellery, fashion, sport, or events management – however, these guys do a great job of maintaining current clients, as well as generating new customers.

A key element of this is that they actually measure their customers’ satisfaction. As a marketing company, it’s great for us to be able to get feedback about what works and what doesn’t work – and for JS Burgess, things are most definitely working. In fact, whilst they design and manufacture stillages, some of their clients are actually asking if they have any other products.

Given the importance of conducting market research when marketing (and not just in the stillage industry or other forms of engineering), we’ll be producing a couple of articles on the topic, as well as some basics, in coming blog posts – so keep an eye out.

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